Monday, 9 May 2011

Short But Sweet

I’m really tired so I’m going to try and keep this post really short.

I’m really worried about Scott as his concussion hasn’t really gone from the weekend and I can’t do anything to help him, I wish there was more I could do but there isn’t. I feel basically useless.

Today has been a fairly busy day, had every single lesson but managed to clear a few things up. I collected the pink form I’ve been waiting for for a few days and filled it in, just need to hand it in tomorrow, I’m applying to be a student mentor.

Life is just really crazy at the moment and I’m starting my own little project which has plenty of ways for it to expand but I’ll tell you all more about that some other time.

I just feel absolutely shattered, at college all day tomorrow but I have two frees so it’s not all bad.


Wednesday, 4 May 2011

End of an era

I’m not longer using the e-mail that this blog is attached to so I’ve set up a new blogger account with my main e-mail that I actually use all the time. Plus this one is a little cluttered so I thought it would be good to start a fresh anyways. I will leave this blog active though so you can come back and look at it if you really want….

Please follow my new blog if you want to keep up to date with me!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I like ice cream

Well I have found out that I start applying to uni in September but I need to start deciding where I want to go (which I’ve almost nearly done) and writing my personal statement so that we don’t have as much to do when it comes down to it and its not all a big rush. I really can’t wait to start actually applying. It really isn’t that far away either.

But I am going to have to start saving some money in order to buy the stuff I need and to have some savings when I’m there. To do this I’m really going to need a job, I’ve already got my data entry job and I’m working on getting another one. my friend has got me a trial in the cafe at a wildlife centre which is on Saturday. Hopefully things on the money front will start working out. I’m planning on collecting bits and pieces over the course of the next year so that I wont be paying/ getting everything all at once.

I’m also thinking of setting up a new blog about my journey to uni/ and life while at uni sort of a blog about student life? What do you think…. it might be that I end up starting a whole new blog for it and not updating this one anymore….

Not a lot else going on really just getting ready for my exams and all the mocks that my teachers feel necessary at the moment.

Laterz xo

Love you xxxx